GenWise Advantage

Introducing GenWise Advantage – a medical clinic, in your pocket

GenWise Advantage is a medical clinic in your pocket. Use it when, where and how you would like.

Since 2013 GPs have been using the GenWise platform to treat their patients in Residential Aged Care Facilities. It did not take them long to realise that having a mobile platform at their fingertips gave them the freedom to see patients anywhere.

Learn how GenWise Advantage is used

Dr Neil uses the GenWise platform at the sports field. He has volunteered to be the onsite doctor and managesicon_1475 injuries and medical problems that arise in his local football players. He keeps people out of the emergency department and on the football field.

Dr Jess uses GenWise as a pop up clinic in a local Womens Shelter. A GP was needed to manage the complex medical needs of the women who lived there. Dr Jess, with her colleague, used the GenWise platform to set up a clinic in a spare medical room in the shelter. She is able to deliver care where her patients need it.

Dr Anne loves seeing her older patients at home. She believes that people should remain in their homes as long as possible and this is how she contributes. The local palliative care team know about her and contact her to care for patients as they come to the end of their lives. She uses GenWise as a portable clinic so that she is able to concentrate on patients rather than paperwork.



The GenWise difference

– GenWise works for you, you do not work for GenWise
– No lock in contracts or minimum billings
– Active clinical discussions and peer support
– QICDP small group learning
– work when, where and how you choose


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