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What is GenWise?

GenWise is a tool for health professionals working in Australia to design, build, market and grow their health careĀ business.

Not for the faint hearted, GenWise is for the ambitious, the brave and the determined – we only work with the best.

From mobile clinics to purpose built medical centres, GenWise will be your engine, your driver and your fuel to get you across the finish line.

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If you are considering embarking on an entrepreneurial journey of your own, have an idea for a new medical service or simply want to have a good chat with some interesting folks, get in touch – however be warned, contacting us may lead to a lot of hard work and some extreme satisfaction!

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About GenWise

GenWise was established by Sebastian and Troye. They have worked together across dozens of projects within the Australian health care system. Both General Practitioners by trade, Troye and Sebastian have learnt the ins and outs of business within the health care sector through first hand experience as the co-founders of GenWise Aged Care – the first application of GenWise.

Sebastian and Troye have been partnering with health professionals across Australia to help establish, market and grow their health care business.

They offer skills in business planning, contracts, Medicare, medical software optimisation, website design and Search Engine Optimisation, marketing, finance, investment/funding, trademarking, hiring and much more.

At the end of the day the guys are simply enthusiastic about health care business, creating meaningful value for business owners and the public, and learning from inspiring leaders – perhaps you can even teach them a thing or two!