Our doctors

Dr Cathy Dugdale

Cathy is an experienced GP with vast interests and skills.  She joined the GenWise team as she was interested in helping older patients in the Darwin area.  With Dr Chan and Dr Francis, she looks after the residents at Pearl Southern Cross Care in Darwin.
Outside of medicine she plays the Cello in the Australian Doctors Orchestra and is arranging the 2016 Concert in Darwin.


Dr Sinkaan Chan

Sinkaan was the first GenWise GP in Darwin.  The appeal of not being restricted to seeing people in 15 minute appointment slots, attracted Sinkaan to the GenWise system.  She works in Pearl Southern Cross Care with Cathy and Kerrie and enjoys the flexible nature of the work.  She has a holistic and caring approach to managing her patients.  When she is not working as a GP she enjoys drawing and pursuing creative outlets.


Dr Kerrie Francis

Kerrie is a Darwin GP who works with Cathy and Sinkaan in Pearl Southern Cross Care.  Her quite nature hides a dedication and deep understanding of the needs of her patients.  Her approach to her patients is thorough and has their best interests at heart.  Being able to spend as much time as necessary with her patients allows this approach to be fully realised.
Her young boy takes up the rest of her time and she enjoys the balance that he brings to her life.


Dr Clare Frawley

Clare is a recent graduate who joined GenWise to break up her week.  She works at Estia Health in Daws Park with Sophie.  She enjoys the autonomy and flexibility that working in aged care offers.


Dr Ania Kritzinger

Ania is based in Seaford, South Australia and has a growing population of older patients.  She is forever learning and her depth of knowledge and skill base is an asset to her patients and peers.  She was attracted to aged care as she recognised a the need for medical services in the area.  She enjoys getting out of the office and the challenge that aged care offers.


Dr Andy Ryan

A short paragraph is not enough to describe the vastness of Andy’s skills, interests and abilities.  Go to his website www.gpxtra.com.au to find out more about him.  Andy is a case study on what a person with a work ethic and enjoyment of his field can do.  He visits aged care facilities, does home visits, supports his local sports teams as their team doctor, runs a small after hours service and offer acupuncture; to name just 5 aspects of his work life.  How he manages to find time to ride his bike and spend time with his family, is unknown.
GenWise has allowed him to pursue a these projects, and gives him more clinical freedom as he is more in control of how and when he works.


Dr Christine Taylor

Christine is a Melbourne based GP who enjoys the challenges that aged care offers.  Her philosophical approach to medicine and life is inspiring to her colleagues and patients.  Her lifestyle is a model to all GPs as she manages to raise 6 children, have active involvement in the local soccer club and manage her patients’ needs.  GenWise is privileged to have her part of the team and we are excited that we are able to help her with her projects.


Dr Erin Oliver-Landry

Erin’s Canadian accent stands her out from the crowd. She was attracted to GenWise because of the flexible and autonomous nature of the work.
Her aged care commitment to Helping Hand ACF complements her clinic work in the Salisbury area. Like Troye and Andy, you will be able to find her on her bike in he spare time or chasing after her toddler.


Dr David Harms

David has recently moved from rural medicine and is setting up his practice in Adelaide.  It is obvious on meeting him that his experience is vast and his rural medicine has given him skills that are unsurpassed.  He is now working in the Residential Aged Care Facilities in the West of Adelaide and is enjoying the autonomous nature of the work.


Dr Sophie Walenczykiewicz

Sophie works with Clare at Daw’s Park Estia Health.  She is a young GP who joined GenWise because of the relaxed and flexible nature of the work.  Initially she considered working as a GP in an aged care as a daunting and lonely prospect, but no longer, as GenWise makes her feels as though she is part of a supportive team.


Donna Preston

Donna is a nurse practitioner that works with GenWise.  Her approach to aged care is inspiring to witness.  Her soft spoken nature hides a steely strength that becomes obvious when she advocates for her patients.  Her philosophy is that older peoples’ lifestyle is paramount and that we should be encouraging them to do as much as possible.
When not in Residential Aged Care Facilities, she can be spotted in the Norwood Christmas Pageant.


Dr Dalini Selvam

Dalini juggles working as a GP and raising her young boy.  She is a dedicated mother and practitioner who has been looking for an opportunity to care for her patients as well as her family.  GenWise has given her the flexibility to achieve this balance.  She is going to be growing her patient base in the north part of Adelaide.  GenWise and her patients are lucky to have her in their corner.


Dr Leanne Sheehy

Leanne works in south of Melbourne and works hard to give her patients the care they deserve. She will tell you that she is a little obsessive but what she actually is, is detailed and thorough and her patients benefit from her approach. Leanne has worked for the out-of-hours service for many years and sees first-hand the gaps in care for residents of aged care facilities. She joined GenWise as it was the perfect opportunity to help meet this need in her community and continue to dedicate time to her young family.


Dr Daljit Janjua
Daljit works in the south west of Adelaide and is building a patient base who value his contribution to their care.  His quiet and confident manner does not betray his vast experience in Australia and overseas.  He believes in providing comprehensive and continued care and this is possible when an enduring therapeutic relationship has been established. He takes control of the opportunity to provide preventive health and lifestyle advice to patients on specific health care surrounding health promotion and accident prevention. He is an active person with an interest in swimming, cycling which balance his joy of food and cooking.  Daljit enjoys the fact that GenWise allows him to work in Residential Aged Care Facilities in walking distance from his house.    


Dr Cheng Chen
Cheng works in Adelaide City and looks after residents in the south west of the city.  The concept of treating his community has struck a chord with Cheng and GenWise gives him the opportunity to be the GP in his local neighbourhood.


Dr Ewa Stankiewicz
Ewa is a GP registrar who is working closely with Troye.  She has joined the GenWise team to grow her skills in managing older people and to build a patient base that she can continue to serve as she progresses through her training and career.  She enjoys the autonomy of working with GenWise and appreciates the teaching that she is getting.   Her contribution to her patients has received constant positive feedback and she is an asset to the team.


Dr Beatrice Dantoc
Beatrice has recently started seeing patients in suburban Sydney after returning from maternity leave.  Her drive and focus is obvious and her approach is warm and friendly.  She has big plans for her future and GenWise is please to be a part of them and intend to support her growth as a GP and person.  Watch this space for big things coming.